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taught by Mark Appleyard
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Mark Appleyard
Mark Appleyard

About the instructor

Mark Appleyard has well over 20 years of spiritual leadership experience across the world. His experience has included two church plants, turning a small church around to be a community impacting church as well as serving for several years on the Senior Executive of a large multi-staff church in America.

Mark and his wife Julie are the founders of Anothen Christian Senior Executive Consulting Network and Anothen Global Ministries. Anothen is operating throughout the United States and many other countries around the world. They have vast experience working as CSO's with business executives and leaders across the globe, as well as vast experience in Leadership and Pastoral Care.

Mark and Julie have been in business for over 15 years, and are currently Lead Pastors, international speakers and mentors, and reside in the United States with their three adult children.

Anothen Global Leadership Training Course is a seven week course to equip AGLC Leaders in preparation for the launch of their AGLC. 

This Leadership Training Course will be completed in partnership with an AGLC Coach.  

Course Contents

7 Videos
1 Text
7 PDFs